Art Scarf by CATHY LU



◌ 41" x 42"
◌ 100% Silk
◌ Made in ITALY

CATHY LU is an artist working in ceramics, sculpture and painting. Her work explores traditional Chinese art imagery and presentation as a way to investigate ideas of authenticity in relation to culture and contemporary identity.

Her works manipulate Chinese art objects and symbols as a way to deconstruct the assumptions people have about Asian American identity. By creating ceramic based sculptures and large scale installations, Cathy explores what it means to be both Asian and American, while not being entirely accepted as either. Central to her work is the unpacking of how experiences of immigration, cultural hybridity and cultural assimilation become part of the larger American identity.

Cathy received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and her BA & BFA from Tufts University. Her work has been exhibited at Johansson Projects, Somarts, Aggregate Space, Berkeley Arts Center, Chinese Cultural Center San Francisco and Cathy currently has an incredible ceramic display highlighted in SFMOMA's SECA Exhibition.