YARDARM 38 Cotton Textile by JOE FERRISO


Joe Ferriso grew up in Long Island, NY, and studied art at The Cooper Union. He moved to the Bay Area in 2009 and co-founded an experimental furniture studio, Anzfer Farms. In 2018, he received an MFA from Stanford University. In 2020, he moved with his wife, child, and dog to The Sea Ranch, CA.

His recent series of paintings extend from the architecture and context of The Sea Ranch. His artwork strives to distill complex relationships between humanity and nature into bold and simplified graphic forms. Ferriso pulls his subjects from daily drawings that he makes while walking. His materials are paint and wood, sourced from local interactions with neighbors. His artworks are primarily concerned with how color relationships impact perception.

◌ 35" x 37"
◌ 100% Cotton
◌ Made in ITALY